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Established in 1933, Gray’s Security Service, Inc. holds the first Florida Security Company business license and continues a tradition of asset protection, by providing guards and security professionals, spanning over 3 quarters of a century. We provide stability, now, and into the future.

  1. BulletUniformed Security Professionals

  2. BulletPatrol Services & Property inspections

  3. BulletResidential Communities

  4. BulletTransportation Industry

  5. BulletInvestigations

  6. BulletBackground checks

  7. BulletMaritime training 33CFR, 49CFR

  8. BulletFSP Audits, creation, enhancement

  9. BulletPhysical security audits & integrity checks

  10. BulletSecurity system consultation

We are proud to have provided guidance and content to the FEMA sanctioned Maritime Training developed by Florida State University. Gray’s Security Service is MARAD certified to administer the PortStar training program. Direct access HERE

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