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Security Services

  1. BulletUniformed Security Professionals

  2. BulletResidential communities

  3. BulletTransportation industry

  4. BulletConstruction industry

  5. BulletDistribution & Logistics

  6. BulletInvestigations

  7. BulletBackground checks

  8. BulletMaritime training 33CFR105

  9. BulletFSP Audits, creation, enhancement

  10. BulletPhysical security audits & integrity checks

  11. BulletSecurity system consultation

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As Gray's expands its customer base, we build a team of officers and associates capable of meeting all of the needs and expectations of our clients.  Our goal is to add value not only to every organization's security program, but also to their operations.

What sets us apart from other companies is an open line of communication with James Gray and his executive team. This means clients deal directly with the core group of decision makers. 

Clients can also expect a full service company. We utilize our many partner affiliations to make us a “one stop shop” in security needs.

Our focus is providing the best service to create client relationships, not just jobs.

The list to the right shows a sample of the security services we provide. Use the Contact link  to connect with us for your specific security needs.

Among the tools we use to fine tune our processes is our Client Satisfaction survey. More than a form, it’s a doorway to what our clients think of us, where we excel, and where we can improve. It doesn’t get filed, it gets attention and action. We don’t solicit praise in our surveys, we solicit criticism that we can learn and improve from. Our surveys are shared (anonymously where appropriate) with our security officers where a benefit is seen by creating a sense of ownership in the particular account. This type of honesty can be seen throughout our methods simply because it’s what works, and it’s what gives the best level of service to our clients.